Individual Therapy for Brides
Premarital Sessions for Couples


What is really significant to you is that your wedding is a genuine representation of you, that it brings you closer to your loved ones, and that it establishes a strong foundation for a happy marriage.  If that's the case, perhaps the most valuable purchase for both your wedding and your future is an investment in your peace of mind.

Bridal counseling helps you to find your peace of mind, allowing you to think clearly and purposefully.  Alone or with your fiance, you'll find solutions to your anxiety, indecision, conflict, racing thoughts, disappointment, and nervousness.  And you'll learn to manage the unrealistic demands, criticism, and stress others may be putting on you.  

Give yourself the precious gift of peace and clarity as you begin this next chapter of your life.  Attend a seminar, schedule an individual therapy session, or start premarital counseling today.

Individual Therapy

If you have never seen a therapist before, the idea may be frightening or uncomfortable. Know that you will set the pace for your therapy, you will decide what to share and what you want to focus on.  

Working as a team, we will gain insight, confront obstacles to change and develop skills, which will lead to confident decision making and lasting solutions.

My approach is solution focused and proactive. You will feel stronger, empowered, and self-aware through our sessions. 

Consider counseling throughout your engagement, before a problem arises. The skills you develop and the insight you find will help you to plan a wedding that is true to you and your desire. It will also prepare you for any blips that may arise.    

But also be open to scheduling an appointment if a crisis comes up. Perhaps a family member or friend decides they are not coming to your wedding, your step-dad wants to walk you down the aisle last minute, your family is fighting, your bridesmaids are backing out, your in-laws are mad at you, or you are getting cold feet.  Come in for a session and we'll figure it out together.  

Although there are many people supporting and loving you at this time, a counselor can talk with you confidentially, give you unbiased feedback, and help you solve the concerns you have.

PREMARITAL Assessment & Therapy

Your marriage is one of the most important and satisfying relationships you'll ever have.

Nearly 3 million couples have improved their chances for a successful relationship by taking the PREPARE/ENRICH online inventory. It is $35 to complete the online assessment.

Adrienne will then meet with you and your fiance to provide feedback to help you understand your results and teach you important relationship skills. Counseling sessions are $75 each.  

Decrease your chance for divorce and significantly improve your relationship satisfaction by calling today at (985) 285-9166.

Bridal Seminars

Bridal Seminars are a practical solution for the busy bride that needs a crash course in managing the emotional and people stress of her wedding.

Topics include changing your reaction to stress, establishing a strong foundation for your marriage, identifying sources of stress, learning quick skills for assertive communication, managing financial concerns, improving decision making, and resolving conflict.

In one morning, you can change your outlook and free yourself from being overwhelmed during your engagement.  Seminars are 1.5 hours.  Because I know you are busy, these seminars are short but concise.  You will learn only the most important information you need.  

My approach in the seminar is to the point.  With the skills and information provided, you will be prepared to take on any number of difficult wedding obstacles.  You will receive items to take with you if you need to look back at the information learned.  

Additionally, if a crisis does come up and you would like individual therapy you will have met Adrienne, and will have an idea of your comfort level with the counseling process.

Seminars are held in the Slidell office and at various venues around New Orleans. For information on upcoming seminars, check out our events page.  To register for a seminar click here.